Submissions FAQ

What should I put in the "pen name" slot?

Whatever you want! The pen name is the name by which you will be credited in the book. If you want to be credited with your full legal name, simply enter your full legal name again in the pen name slot. If instead you'd like to be credited with a nickname, a shortened version of your legal name, or with a pseudonym, that's also fine. Whatever you write in this slot will be what appears in the finished book. Just make sure your pen name and the name in your author bio are consistent!

Why can't I copy and paste my author bio into the text box?

Sometimes, depending on the type of device you are using to access our submissions page, you may be unable to copy and paste your author bio into the indicated box. Don't worry, we won't make you type it again! If this happens to you, please include the author bio in your submission document, at the very beginning, before your writing submission. Then, in the author bio box, simply write "Included in submission document."

The website is telling me that my file is too large to submit. What should I do?

This has been a recent problem we have been experiencing on rare occasions, and we are quickly working to get it solved. If this happens, and you are not submitting to a book that allows you to paste your submissions in the provided boxes, try clearing your cache and then submitting again. Oftentimes, a full cache can confuse the form into thinking your file is bigger than it actually is.

If after clearing your cache the submission still won't go through, please send your attachment directly to

Please be sure to include in your email your author bio, your desired pen name, and the following statement: I, (insert your full legal name here), have read and agree to Absorbing Art's Copyright Policy, as found on their website:

How do I know if my submission went through?

Within minutes after submitting, you should receive a confirmation email, sent to the address you marked on the submission form. If you receive the confirmation email, you can be assured your submission went through.

Where can I find a complete version of your Copyright Policy?